Create instant voting campaign with AppLink

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Have you ever participated in a university club/organization election?
Did it involve you putting your voting in a ballot like in the olden days?
Do you want to modernize that system and earn at the same time?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then Applink is for you. With Applink you can use our Voting template to develop a customized voting system for your club, organization or institution. You can hold your elections remotely, regardless of where your voters are, just through an SMS.

Everytime someone casts a vote you make money!

The way this works is that you develop an app and make it available to your voters for subscription. They can subscribe by sending a keyword to a specific number i.e “VOTE” to 21213. Once they subscribe, YOU decide if you charge your voters for the subscription or if you charge them for their vote. Your voters will be charged from their mobile account based on your decision as a service provider. Applink gives you the power on how to earn from your subscribers.

Now there are other ways you can make use of this template. Some of them are listed below.

Customer Surveys:

If you are a business owner you might like some customer feedback through a survey. You can use this template to do just that. You can ask them to vote on the quality of products they have bought/used.

Product Marketing:

You could also market new products to them by making them choose products they would like to see in your store etc.

Event Segment Selection:

In festivals, concerts or sports tournaments there might be multiple sub-events like matches between different teams, sets by different bands or amusement park rides happening at the same time. You can ask your customers, who would be participating in these events, to choose between these events through a voting app. They can either choose a particular event to enjoy or choose when they will attend these sub events. This will help you as an organizer to keep track of your attendees and make sure none of these sub-events are overcrowded and everyone is having fun.