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11th November, 2022

2 min Read

Applink and its wizard applications

Applink is a platform where it offers you to build a wizard application in just 5 minutes by which you will be able to send alerts messages to a user upon their subscription.

27th May, 2022

2 min Read

Create instant voting campaign with AppLink

Have you ever participated in a university club/organization election? Did it involve you putting your voting in a ballot like in the olden days? Do you want to modernize that system and earn at the same time?

21st September, 2022

2 min Read

Be in contact with your audience with AppLink contact apps

Wizard applications are one of the easiest ways to serve your subscribers with some amazing features. Contact wizard application is another fastest way to reach the customers or subscribers in a very short time.

25th September, 2022

2 min Read

Schedule your messages at one go with AppLink

Applink provides you multiple ways to construct an app that hosts your service and one of the ways you can do that is by using our scheduled alert template.