Applink and its wizard applications

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People can hardly imagine their existence without smartphones and mobile applications in today's world. With the advancement of mobile devices, an increasing number of businesses are turning to mobile alert applications to interact with their staff. Because individuals nearly always have their phones on them, they are more likely to receive and read texts sent to them as soon as it is received, which is a benefit of these communication techniques. But what if we could earn money by sending alert messages to the smartphone users? Applink brings this opportunity for you.

Applink is a platform where it offers you to build a wizard application in just 5 minutes by which you will be able to send alerts messages to a user upon their subscription. A user can subscribe to some amazing features which will be created by you with just some taps of their smartphone and they will be getting alert texts according to their need. And for every single text you will be earning money from Applink! Earning money has never been that easy, right?! Let’s see some of the alert features you can create to serve your subscribers.

Sale Alerts

Through your alert application, you may inform customers about special discounts from their favourite brands. You may even charge the brand owners for this, earning you some more cash in addition to applink.

Weather Forecast

You may send weather forecasts to your subscribers on a regular basis, as well as notify them of upcoming natural disasters.

Organizational Notice

A user can subscribe to a certain organization and get notices and updates from that organization on a regular basis. A student may receive urgent alerts from his university courses as well as his departments in this instance. This will allow him to be continually updated in real time.

App Promotional offers

You may send customers a variety of promotional offers for different apps. Smartphone users nowadays can't seem to get enough of applications with amazing features.

Event Notifier

Users can subscribe to a specific event notifier to get all of the alerts and updates related to that event. This is a feature that every user would like to have.