Be in contact with your audience with AppLink contact apps

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Wizard applications are one of the easiest ways to serve your subscribers with some amazing features. Contact wizard application is another fastest way to reach the customers or subscribers in a very short time. It can be useful in getting instant requests from them or getting feedback from them. And it could be a great source of earning too!

Applink and its wizard applications

Applink is a service that allows you to provide a user with a variety of services that can be created in under five minutes. A contact wizard program allows your subscribers to send request messages, express their opinions, make ideas, and offer feedback, among other things. And, of course, you will get paid in real time for each SMS they send. For a single task, you can also give a number of contact application services. The user will be charged for the text messages, and a portion of that will be given to you.

Let's take a look at some of the contact apps you may offer your subscribers in order to make some fast cash using Applink.

Product Feedback: A user may wish to provide feedback on a product they purchased from a certain retailer in various instances. However, offering feedback is not always simple. Instead, you may design a wizard application to obtain fast feedback on a specific product.

Product Request: A company may wish to know which sorts of products their customers like. They'd want to have a request from their consumer in order to supply the things they want. This work can be simply handled using a simple contact application.

Service Feedback: An organization like healthcare or different types of restaurants seeks feedback from their customer to improve their services as much as possible. They can use a contact application to get the feedback or opinion from their customers easily.

App Update Request: Mobile apps must be updated on a regular basis in order to meet the demands of its users. However, it is often impossible to know what the people actually want until you receive feature requests directly from them. Requests for feature updates can be collected directly from customers using a contact application.